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   Since established the company has undertaken supervising task more than 300. These programs had won RuBan construction engineering prize , national military region high quality engineer first prize , national high quality engineer prize , province golden artificer prize , excellent prize of province , excellent prize of city, secure and civilized construction model for the city and province and many other honorary titles.

   There is much outstanding achievement on agent of program bidding . We have accomplished more than 100 variety public bidding like engineering construction bidding , design bidding, supervising bidding agency ,etc. Company wins the owner’s reliance and the same profession’s respect as its professional level and high quality service .
   In 2002, Wan’an made a strategic decision of developing oversea supervising market. After great efforts for years, now, we have been charged with Chinese government aid-foreign engineer supervising and international engineer contracting supervising with the amount more than 50 in more than 30 countries and district. These programs include the one which General Secretary Hu Jintao attended the starting ceremony of aid Bamako, Mali third bridge program , and also include the road program in Ghana which premier Wen Jiabao attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony and external hand-over ceremony. Vice-chairman of CCPCC Wang Zhongyu, minister Li Zhaoxing, Minister Bo Xilai and other leaders of laws and ambassador stationed abroad had examined the program which our company supervised in many times.