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Completion Acceptance of Bo Stadium Project
Published Date:2014/2/15

 Completion Acceptance of Bo Stadium Project in Sierra Leone

On January 20, 2014, Bo Stadium project in Sierra Leone supervised by our company has successfully passed the acceptance organized by expert group of Ministry of Commerce.
This project had serious quality problem before being undertaken by our company. During project execution process, our company was entrusted with this difficult mission. The construction schedule of this project was tight, organization and coordination was difficult and the working procedure such as runway execution in later stage needed repeated research and investigation. By overcoming the various difficulties, including local malaria disease, dampness in rainy season and high temperature in dry season, foreign-aid experts of our company successfully completed the task assigned by Ministry of Commerce.
Ministry of Commerce and local government gave a high appraisal to the successful handing over of this project. The influence of our foreign-aid project in Sierra Leone was enhanced. Now, Bo Stadium has become a local landmark building.
                                                               Realistic picture of stadium
                                                                  Realistic picture of stadium
                                                           Realistic picture of stadium
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