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    Company assign supervising department of the project enter the construction site. The supervision department is consist of construction, water supply and drainage, electrical, ventilation, air conditioning and budgetary and other professional supervision engineers. Company appoint a senior engineer as the general supervisor of the project . The general supervisor takes all the responsibilities of the whole project with "three controlment, two management, one coordination".

    The construction phase supervising procedures and content:


    1, Supervision Department draw a "Supervision Plan" and “implementation details of the supervision of each specialized field” under the guidance of the project general supervisor as the guidance supervising document of the project.


    2, organize technical disclosure and drawings inspection.


    3, organize engineering tests and Supervision tests, help with the owners to hold coordination meeting.


    4, implement project supervision, "the three control." ( quality,  progress,  investment).

    Supervising working procedures require to do the "three control." For quality control: strictly examine the main raw materials, components and equipments must meet the design requirements and related technical standards, strengthen the stand-by supervision of the key parts and strictly inspect and accept each construct procedure, pay attention to pre-control. Progress control: to strengthen tracking coordination, hold regular on-site coordinate meeting . Investment control: strictly examine quantities and site quantities signing, strictly examine the construct closing account.


       5, Contract Management: To assist owners to draft contracts, establish contract book account, gather relevant information, do tracking management on the contract implementation coordinate dispute , to help owners to prevent claims from compensation.


     6, information management: through computers to collect, organize, store, transfer and use all the information to provide a complete program supervising material.
     7, organization and coordination: coordinate the relationship of each main part of the construction, organize site regularly meeting, neutralize the conflicts which would impact on processing, quality and cost of the project.
     8, organize the preliminary acceptance of the final completion , according to the requirements of the filing to make a final completion ,give the draft material and supervising material to owner to make a filing.
     9, to evaluate the quality of the project, make an assessment reports.
     10, handle the acceptance procedures of the final completion