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    Guangzhou Wanan Construction Supervision Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, directly under the China Association of Engineering executives, is a professional engaged in engineering construction supervision, bidding agent and the management of the whole process of construction of an integrated supervision enterprises.


    Guangzhou Wan’an Construction Supervision Company Limited is with the National Commissioner of the industry's highest level of qualification - engineering supervision and construction of an integrated bidding agent qualification. Finalist foreign aid project supervision unit of the Ministry of Commerce list of enterprises in 2002 . In 2006 we acquired "The People's Republic of China overseas project contracting business qualification certificates". We were granted direct contracting overseas engineering supervision task.


    Since 1999, the company adhere to strict quality management system construction, over the years has developed a set of effective quality management system, now with China (CNACR) and the United Kingdom (UKAS) quality management of domestic and international double authentication certificate; In 2009 we got through career health and safety management system certification and environmental management system certification.
    The company has board of directors, general manager, vice president, chief engineer, assistant of general manager and other leaders and domestic engineering, international engineering, development, human resources, administrative department, finance department and other functional departments, and in Asia, Africa, the Americas more than 10 countries and regions, we set up directly under office.


    We have undertaken the domestic Xinghai Concert Hall, famous gate building, Run Guangdong Building, Fuzhou General Hospital of Nanjing Military Region out-patient building, teaching building of South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, leather accessories and leather footwear industry R & D Center, Huangpu Customs new office building project, Guangzhou International Bio-island standard industry unit, Guangzhou Yangtze River (China) Textile City, the Pearl River Hospital, new medical areas, China Standard Tao Bay (I, II and III), Guangdong Provincial People's Armed Police Border Defense Corps cadres affordable housing, Merrill Lynch & Coast Garden, Merrill Lynch Lake Garden, Guangzhou University City focused on domestic hot water pipe installation project, East New District, Zhaoqing municipal infrastructure construction projects, BT, the Guangzhou International Bio-island regeneration of water and other types of supervision works, the Ministry over the South China, South Africa, southwest and southeast districts. The past three years the company has obtained RuBan construction engineering prize , national military region high quality engineer first prize , national high quality engineer prize , province golden artificer prize , excellent prize of province , excellent prize of city, secure and civilized construction model for the city and province and many other honorary titles. We’ve won praise from every construct organization.
    There is much outstanding achievement on agent of program bidding . We have accomplished more than 100 variety public bidding like engineering construction bidding , design bidding, supervising bidding agency ,etc. Company wins the owner’s reliance and the same profession’s respect as its professional level and high quality service .


    Project bidding agents also have substantial performance of the company over the past three years, accumulated various types of construction, survey and design, engineering supervision, the project on behalf of the construction, project bidding, project operating service 100 to a professional standard and quality of service has won the trust of the owners and industry respect.
    Since 2002, under the direct management of the company's headquarters , the supervision of the project department of foreign aid was worldwide over 30 countries and regions, including aid to the third bridge project Bamako, Mali, Ghana aid highway projects, aid to the Rwandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs office building projects, aid to Congo (Brazzaville) the parliament building projects, etc.,Party and state leaders, including President Xi Jinping, Hu Jintao, Li Keqiang, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin and He Guoqiang, have inspected the projects supervised by our company. 
     In 2007, the company successfully opening up the international contracting engineering supervision market, and the Cambodian Public and Transport Ministry signed a national two-way two bridges project supervision consultant contracts with us. So far our international contracting engineer business has been involved in in Cambodia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and other countries and regions.